Repair Your Auto Glass Cracks At The Best Repair Shop, Auto Glass Los Angeles

Repair Your Auto Glass Cracks At The Best Repair Shop, Auto Glass Los Angeles

It’s so easy to postpone repairing that glass crack on your car. However, if you don’t resolve this glass crack issue in time, you might need to replace the entire windshield. If you’re very busy though, you could always call our repair shop, Auto Glass Los Angeles. The most important thing is to act quickly so that you don’t have to replace the entire windshield.

Some common types of glass cracks

Almost everyone has seen cracks in the form of stars. In most cases, the main crack has tiny cracks around it. That’s why the entire crack ends up looking like a star. When a small stone or a slingshot hits your windshield, small chips may be created in the glass. Starts and chips can be easily repaired.

Bull’s-eyes are larger than chips and are usually caused by round objects. For example, a rock can cause circular damage to your windshield. Combination cracks are the worst, since they are usually the result of an impact. It’s much harder to repair combination cracks, as opposed to stars, bull’s-eyes, and chips.

When it is not safe to repair auto glass cracks

If the crack is located right in front of the driver’s seat, that presents a problem to most repair shops. Even if a certain repair shop fixes the glass crack that’s in front of the driver, you might still find yourself in a dangerous situation. It’s highly likely that the fixed crack will impair your vision. The repaired spot might still be blurry, which is a risk for any driver.

Replacing your windshield might be a better solution than fixing the crack that’s located right in front of the driver’s seat. After all, there is nothing more important than safety. What matters most is that you get your glass crack repaired as soon as possible. That’s much more important than to focus on the size or location of the crack.

If you don’t repair your glass crack quickly, dust and dirt can fill the crack. After that happens, repairing the glass crack becomes harder. Big cracks are also hard to repair. If your crack was created by a large object or if you were involved in a car accident, you might simply need to replace the entire windshield.

Why it is better to repair than to replace your windshield

Why it is better to repair than to replace your windshield

Windshield replacement takes a lot longer than repairing glass cracks. If you wanted to replace your windshield, it could take up to a few days for the job to get done. Repairing your glass cracks, however, doesn’t take that long. It can sometimes be done in less than an hour. That’s a big time difference, especially if you drive your car a lot.

Why pay tons of money to replace your windshield? You would save a lot of money by simply repairing glass cracks. Another great benefit of repairing glass cracks is the insurance advantage.

Insurance companies know that windshield replacement is more expensive than glass crack repair. As a result, some insurance companies will pay for the glass crack repair first.

What many people don’t know is that windshield replacement is not a particularly safe option. The original factory windshield was made to fit your car perfectly. A new windshield might not be optimal for the size or construction of your car.

Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious? If you care about the environment, you will choose glass crack repair over windshield replacement. If you were to replace your windshield, your old windshield would end up in a landfill. In other words, by throwing away your old windshield, you would contribute to more pollution.

The Auto Glass Los Angeles repair shop can fix your glass cracks

Our repair shop, Auto Glass Los Angeles, will protect the factory seal around your glass and repair your cracks quickly. As soon as you notice that your windshield has a crack, don’t hesitate to call us. We can act quickly and fix your windshield before it needs to be repaired.

We will first examine your windshield in order to make sure that the crack can be repaired. We will secure your vehicle with drapes in order to keep it intact. After we remove any dirt and moisture from the cracks, we will start filling the crack with a special resin. When the filling is done, we simply make the resin harder with the help of UV light.

After we’re done with the job, we polish the glass in order to make sure that no extra resin is left. At our repair shop, we can help you make an insurance coverage claim. You don’t even need to travel to get to our repair shop, since we can come to your place and do the work on-location.

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