A Quick Guide to Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

A Quick Guide to Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Windshield repair and auto glass replacement in Los Angeles is a service that if offered by many a companies. If you are planning to avail any of these, here is what you should know.

The Process

In a replacement procedure, the entire windshield is removed and a new one in installed. In a repair process, a special resin is injected into the crack of chip. This followed by polishing so that the original strength and clarity is maintained.

Average Costs

The costs of repairing a windshield are almost the same with every company in Los Angeles. Generally, the average rate is between $40 and $50 for a chip that is the size of a small rock. Additional chips are treated at a rate of $10 per chip.  These same rates are also charged for repairs that are less than three inches in length. However, if a repair is longer than this measurement, it may require more advanced procedures and special treatments. In this case, the rates rise to around $70 for a singe crack.

The average rates for auto glass replacement in Los Angeles are much higher and also depend on the make and model of your car. Rates also vary with your chosen company, and if you choose to have your car treated by a dealer, the serviced will be priced much higher. Replacement rates cover the price of the new windshield, the molding kit and the labor that is required for the job.

The replacement rates for replacing the windshield of a Toyota Camry are around $350 if you get it done from an auto glass company, whereas a dealer charges around $550. Similarly, an automotive glass shop will repair the windshield of your Ford Explorer for $400, but a dealer will charge the same for $13,000. The windshield of a Chevrolet Corvette can get replaced for $650 or $920 at a standard glass replacement shop and at a dealer. The same differences in prices can also be observed with cars of other makes and models.

The prime reason behind the significant differences between a dealer and a standard auto glass company are because of the glass that is used. The replacement prices with a dealer are higher because they install and OEM windshield, which is equivalent to the windshield your car originally had. On the other hand a standard auto glass replacement company will make use of OEM windshields, which are less expensive because they are not made by your car’s manufacturer.


Windshield coverage is provided by nearly all insurance companies in Los Angeles for both repair and replacement. The exact details will vary with your chosen insurance policy. In most cases, an insurance company will not provide you coverage for OEM equipment.

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